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    Springs in all sizes

    - Hagens Spring Group

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    A world of springs

    - Hagens Spring Group

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    Specialist springs are our standard

    - Hagens Spring Group

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    Designed springs

    - Hagens Spring Group

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    Springs for all types of machinery

    - Hagens Spring Group


Hagens Spring Group

At Hagens Spring Group, we focus on growth together with our customers.

Sustainability is a crucial element of our strategy.

Growth and sustainability are not mutually incompatible, but it calls for consideration and determination.

At Hagens Spring Group, we primarily focus on the following four UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):

UN SDG 3 – Health and Well-being

We focus on having a healthy workplace with low sickness absence, a high level of well-being and good cooperation.

Health and well-being at the workplace create the basis for good and stable production, which benefits our customers.

We aim to work according to high Scandinavian standards – also outside Scandinavia,

where we can influence our employees and surroundings positively towards greater health and well-being. Maal3 Eng


  •  Ongoing follow-up and job satisfaction
  •  Low sickness absence


 UN SDG 7 – Affordable and Clean Energy

We will work to use more sustainable energy in the group, just as we will process and seek to minimise polluting materials. 7 1


  • We will continually look at the possibilities for increased recycling and for minimising the use of polluting materials
  •  We will seek to use alternative or improved energy sources
  •  We are investing with the aim of saving energy
  •  We wish to remain certified in accordance with ISO 14001.
  •  We will implement ISO 14001 at all our locations.
  •  We are working to ensure that all our company vehicles are ‘green’/sustainable.


UN SDG 8  – Decent work and Economic Growth

We focus on growth together with our customers, but also by continuing to be innovative and focusing on technological solutions and possibilities in order to maintain proper jobs while remaining competitive. 8 1


  •  Introduce supply chain requirements relating to CSR and close collaboration with our raw materials’ partners.
  •  Ensure economic growth and stability for the benefit of our customers and future development


UN SDG 12 – Responsible Consumption and Production

We focus on responsible consumption and production.

This means working to minimise waste and resource consumption in general, including electricity, water and heating. 12 1


  • We are transforming and sorting waste raw material into scrap materials that can be recycled for manufacturing materials/wire for using in the company
  •  We will clarify with our customers what the tolerances should be for a particular product, so that we do not produce products with narrower tolerances than necessary, and in this way reduce our carbon footprint, as well as minimising waste in general
  •  Ongoing follow-up and initiatives to reduce waste and CO2 emissions:
  •  to minimise waste.
  •  to create a more energy-efficient production
  •  to reduce electricity and heating consumption
  •  Implementation of environmental accounts, including our carbon footprint.
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