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    Springs in all sizes

    - Hagens Spring Group

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    A world of springs

    - Hagens Spring Group

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    Specialist springs are our standard

    - Hagens Spring Group

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    Designed springs

    - Hagens Spring Group

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    Springs for all types of machinery

    - Hagens Spring Group

Tracking - an important part of the process

Hagens Spring Group follows the production closely and can track and document what takes place during the whole process.

We monitor production from the moment we receive the raw material until the moment the complete spring leaves one of our factories, and we can always regulate the process if something seems to deviate from the requirements we place on a finished quality product.

We know what we are working with and are happy to document the whole process.

Quality management is not only prevention and control - it is also an attitude towards the work.

Process Tracking

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